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This non-profit homepage"MusicAnd" is a personal initiative to create an international forum for music educational innovation. is divided in different areas.

Professionally, I'm a teacher training college teacher for music education and for other subjects on secondary school level (Louvain, Belgium). I'm specialized in general and music pedagogy, and in media.

In the eighties, I was an editor-in-chief of a Flemish magazine for alternative music and information; recently I developped a new music and art site (>P-ARTWEB) with collaboration of related artists from all over the world. I have made publications about innovative music education, and I organized and supported colloquiums and special meetings about music educational innovation. Searching for meaningful and up-to-date activities for sound, music and new media in the classroom, I realized alternative workshops for music educators in the eighties and nineties.

In the 1980s, I released my album, and produced music for a play. I developped new projects, music and dance performances and installations. In the 1990s, I published my soundsets for a digital wave synthesizer. In 1998, I brought my personalized non-profit web site about my own holistic artistic world on the net: paintings, poetry, improvising, intuitive composing, sound objects, sampling, piano, synthesizer, ethnic instruments, MIDI control and computertools to make music and visual arts. p-artweb.net/PARADISE.

 I'm evolving to a stage of integration: I want to share with the world my more than 25 years of knowledge, research, experience and affiliation to the innovative world of music education in a NON-PROFIT web site.

"MusicAnd / Mplus/ M+" tells you about attractive, alternative, unknown, undiscovered articles and ideas related to the holistic music educational world. The actual release of contains only a selection of all content that I'd like to publish about the new music educational scene.

Of course, the "M+" content isn't the result of an objective approach. Further, I don't pretend to complete research and information about all remarkable official and international initiatives.

I'm very sensitive to basic activities. "MusicAnd" is expanding constantly as a personal engagement for your music educational challenges.


A very important aspect of "MusicAnd" considers the participation of researchers, experts and music educators of all sorts. I will continue to invite GUESTS to deliver special contributions to .

The actual list of contributors who participate FOR FREE in the web site, are:

Ad Linkels (ethnic music and dance education, Netherlands), Harry Koopman (piano technology, Netherlands); Klaus Runze (holistic piano lesson; Germany), Tonius Timmermann (sound education/music therapy, Germany), Claire Renard (L'éveil musical, France), Peter N. Wilson & Paul Bley (fetish of notation and improvisation, Germany), Stefanie Stadler Elmer (research about childern's singing, Switzerland), Alvin Curran (spontaneous music, Italy), Job ter Steege (Worlds of experience, Netherlands), Hildegard Westerkamp & Andra McCartney (sound ecology, Canada) and Fiorella Cappelli (Children for Opera, Florence) etc.

However, don't be deceived: practically all the pages are mine. When the content of a page is delivered by an other author, it is clearly indicated.

To exceed the language barrier in this international web site for music educational innovation, I prefer to use English as mean of communication. However, most of us do not have English as their native. For that reason I hope that you appreciate my efforts, and also that the written language and the linguistic errors will not disturb you to much. I try to present you with the pages written in English or in dual version: English and native. If the English version cannot be delivered,we prefer to release some items in a language other than English, to avoid gabs in my project.

Entering the ATELIER, all visitors are encouraged to be taken by the ONLINE "biotope" full of musical energizers. All practises are invented to evoke and explore sensitivity, imagination and open mind in terms of sound and music.

To force innovation and realistic improvements, all ground breaking topics in the 'MUSICAND' HOMEPAGE are related to both, theoretical fundament and practising: ATELIER;BASICS; PIONEERS; READER; ARCHIVES;TIPS.

To improve your search in this wide-extended homepage, you can enter the SITEMAP: the ABC-INDEX of all actual topics available in all "M+" pages.

FLASHES bring short actual events or items together in a hot news corner.

Don't hesitate to sign the GUESTBOOK : communicate your experience, your appreciation and additional information. I created a special FORUM for music educational innovation. (Please wait while downloading the FORUM - page.)

The construction of the web site was taken simple, without sophisticated features. I would like to make downloading "M+"pages as easy and fast as possible.


MusicAnd © Paul A.R. Timmermans

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HISTORY of the MUSICAND homepage:
integration of MusicAnd in  p-artweb.net (2022& 2023)

New update 1.9.5 (Autumn 2006): New ATELIER Animated Music

Update 1.9.4 (June 2002): NEW ATELIER Active Sound Spaces for Children + Updated: Sanza-page (ethnic instruments).

1.9.3 (June 2002): NEW PIONEER Fiorella Cappelli (Children for Opera)

Version 1.9.2 (April 2002): New FLASHES # 3 & 4

Version 1.9.1 (Mars 2002): New and updated : FLASHES #1&2, READER: Hans Otte.

Version 1.9: NEW: SEARCH Utility. 1.8: NEW: ARCHIVES (Juli 2001). 1.7 (June 2001):NEW: FLASH. PIONEERS: Segler; Paynter. BASICS: Finkel.

Updated: InstrumentalGallery. Atelier online. Hotlinks. Webindex.

Version 1.6 (Mars 2001):CLASSICAL instrument : Glass Armonica / DIGITAL instrument: UPIC/ BASICS: The Practice of sampling / READER: Kreatives Sound-design/ SITEMAP (Major upgrade).


Version 1.3 & 1.2 (Januar 2001): Major updated Online Atelier.

First update 1.1: December 2000. First Version 1.0: November 2000.

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