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86: Sounding Showcase



81: Pina's "Le Sacre"

82: Tree goes tin-can music


83: The Art of 1-key Piano


84: Goodbye Mouse

85: Rattling Lights

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[ 83:The Art of 1-key Piano ] [ 84: Goodbye Mouse] [ 85: Rattling Lights] [ 86: Sounding Showcase] []

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1: The Philips Pavilion 


2: The Private  Listener 


3: Forbidden to Hear 

 4: Pick up

 5: My first teacher was  the radio

6: Surfing on the Creative Route


7: Mister Wabot 2

 8: Musicalizing your Touch of Fire and Love

9: White on White

10: Covering Silence as Sound

11: Smash up that music class!


12: Buddha


13: Audio Parcours


14: The Ears of Pierre Schaeffer

  15: Audio Voyeurism

16: The Human Body Percussion Ensemble 

 17: Wavedrum

 18: The Maybe Installation

 19: Playing the Piano without playing the Piano


20: Autobusk

21: Don't touch me and let me sing

 22: Oskar and his Pre-synthesizer


23: Commercial art 1894

 24: Tone Color


25: My mikes are like cameras

 26: 1 Octave in 31 Steps


27: Microtonal Tools Today

 28: Virtual  Hands

29: The Art of the Toy Piano

 30: The Suzuki's Brave New World



 32: Color in Sound


33: Traffic Sign Art

 34: Lost Ear(th)


35:Artistic Ladies


 36: GoodVibrations

 37: Sonic Tents 

 38: Organic Chair 


39: Flügelhaus 


 40: Why must loudspeakers always be rectangular?

41: NewTrautonium 

42: BodySynth 

43: Music Robots as Human Instrumentalists 


 44: What makes a full violin?


45: Audio Clothes


 46: What is Art?


 47: Like a Box of Chocolates


  48: In Tune


49: Shape build us


50: Artemis

 51: Scottish Beethoven


52: Listening to living cells


53: Curved Piano


 54: Inner Eyes for 'basket' player


55: Musicus Omnis


56: Sound Igloo  


57: Primeval Vibration



58: The Color of the Universe 


59: The Heart Beat of the Earth 


60: Autonomous Artificial Artist



61: Pump Up Speakers


62: Super Vinyl



63: The Continuator


64: Stupid People


65: Great Teacher 


66: Build your own acoustic Jungle


67: Polyphonic Recognitio


68: Artistic Beetles in the Belgian Royal Palace


69: Mesopotanian Art stolen


70: Touch the Fish


71: New Instrument


72: Czerny Unmasked


73: Disk Cleaner


74: Power of lowest Sound


75: The overused piano chair


76: Kafkayan Freedom


77: My spinet a dream


78: Mapuche Indians


79: Innovative Instruments


80: Meet Wakamaru

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