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These artists affiliated to P-ART are engaged in the same wide field of new music and contemporary arts. With a personal contribution to the P-ART WEB of ARTISTS, all selected artists belong to the virtual P-ART family, all together and completely free.
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DVD Edition

Booklet (A5)  containing 44 pages with DVD music video & audio
is an independent  & international edition of  P-ART and the participating artists © 2015 
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DVD Trailer > "The Intuitive P'ARTy"

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DVD 'The Intuitive P'ARTy'
MUSIC  VIDEO: 5 pieces

Track #1    P-ART (B):  MusiChroma I                                                 6:19

Track #2    Klaus RUNZE (GER):  Icarus Piano                                    6:41

Track #3    Carl BERGSTRØM-NIELSEN (DK): Memory Piece 6        5:18   

Track #4    Timo VAN LUIJK (B):  Passage                                          3:58

Track #5    Marc EVANS (USA):  The Longevity of a Tree                   5:00
DVD 'The Intuitive P'ARTy'
AUDIO: 5 pieces
Track #1    Clarence BARLOW (USA):  Septima de facto                        6:19

Track #2    CORE SHIFT  Mike KRAMER (AUS/NL): Through Time  20:00 

Track #3    Timo VAN LUIJK (B):  Fantaisie magnétique                        5:00

Track #4    CIRCULAR  J. MARCHI & D. VARELA (ARG):  Deitas    21:02 

Track #5    Clarence BARLOW(USA): Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein          5:06

DVD - Artists & Pieces

1. P-ART (Belgium) covers six different sound-talking colors in a set of six oil paintings. Searching for perceptual reciprocity between color and timbre, he accompanies the 6 coloring images intuitively with distinct sets (piano, sound objects, spinet, synthesizing) of six sound samples at every turn.    Music video track #1:  MusiChroma I. Sound-talking colors. 2014.  6:19

2. Klaus RUNZE (Germany) elongates his arms with felt-hammer rails originating from a grand piano. He intuitively fraps a board of wood, a slab of stone (basalt) and a sheet of metal with his musical wings, just like Icarus.  Music video track #2:  Icarus Piano. 2007.  6:41

3. Clarence BARLOW (USA) masters computer-assisted algorithms in his fascination of sound color  (timbre), rhythms and microtonal scales (pitch space). "Septima de facto" (2006) is 'synthrumentation': digital synthesis of a song (harmony and phonetic) transformed into synth-instrumentation, in this case on a computer-driven grand piano. Regarding the psychological harmony of intervals as a measure of the harmonic proximity, Clarence Barlow created a multidimensionally scaled map of just intonated harmony. Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein (2012) was created on a computer-driven church organ.
                                                              Audio track #1: Septima de facto. 2006. 6:19         +   Audio track #5:  Für Simon Jonassohn-Stein. 2012. 5:06

4. Carl BERGSTRØM-NIELSEN (Denmark) integrates improvisation in structural creativity.  Using his voice, the Hohner melodica and French horn, his performance is an intuitive dialogue with the memory of some minutes ago: back to the past and towards the future.   Music video #3:  Memory Piece #6. 2011. 5:18

5. CORE SHIFT interpreted by Mike KRAMER (Australia/The Netherlands) invites intuitive listening again and again. Through Time is a timeless experience of ambient music, a 'dance for the mind'.  
Audio track #2:  Through Time. 2014. 20:00
6. Timo VAN LUIJK (Belgium) composes like a poet with a flexible set of acoustic instruments, found or recycled (sound) objects and sound effect recordings. In Fantaisie magnétique  the intuitive composer uses only the musical results of  sound feedback.
Audio track # 3:   Fantaisie magnétique. 2012. 5:00
Timo van Luijk filmed his passage of the Bosporus in a single take, and fit the image with an introspective soundscape based on an old music tape.
Music video track #4:   Passage. 2010. 3:58

7. Marc EVANS (USA) is an experimental composer, working from scratch. He integrates the opportunity of computing where it is relevant. He composes for classical instruments, for mixed media and for sounds of ordinary human activities like eating. In respect to natural processes, he admires trees as living witnesses of history and as unique personalities.   The Longevity of a Tree is visual music composed and designed by him and is performed  by cellist Amy Kwon.
Music video track #5:  The Longevity of a Tree.  2010. 4:42

8. CIRCULAR (ARG) is a duo formed by José Alberto MARCHI and Daniel VARELA.  Influenced by the fullness of light, by the presence of stillness and the spiritual flow of timbres and resonances, they are sound poets painting slow-down music.
Audio track  #4:  Deitas.

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