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In current electronic and classical music releases, artificial reverbs and other sound effects are common part of music productions. In many sophisticated cases the sound effect tells more than the music itself.  The approach of Sabine SCHAEFER differs completely from commercial sound effects music.

Since 1994 I'm interested in Sabine SCHAEFER (Germany) and her spiritual innovation about three-dimensional electro-acoustic sound installations. When you make a global survey of her composing-performances and spatial soundinstallations of the last years, she has gradually developed her computer directed sound-space project. 

Sabine Schaefer received recognition, especially with the Siemens-Medien Art prize (1993), for her artistic "watermark" named TopoPhonias
  Most of all I'm charmed by her gift to create virtual sound spaces 'illuminated' with integrated sounds, samples, pitches and progression of textures/timbres. I just recovered my personal video experience of TopoPhonias, by converting the DVtape to a MOV/QuickTime-file. Click > Topo.mov (please wait while loading 2,979k), and enjoy the excerpt from my visit at the Akzisehaus KlangArt Festival 1997 in Osnabrück (Germany)





SoundMilieu III (5:46)
belongs to the CD  "The P-ART PROJECT: 12 PORTRAITS"
Look for an excerpt at the Audiovisual  TRAILER  "12 PORTRAITS" on Youtube https://youtu.be/BinrCV9w-is

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Virtual Sound Spaces


An art project about the spatialization of sound


Spatial sounding object with a formation of eleven loudspeakers. Premiere: Berliner Festwochen 1995

My spatial sound installations are the result of an artistic development project realized between 1990 and 1992. The basic idea of this room related art project is to move music three-dimensionally through space. The concept of including sound movement as a supplementary parameter in composition is a consequence of my special interest in electro-acoustic music.

A special quality of electro-acoustic music is its medium - the loudspeaker, the so-called sound source, the source of electronic sound. For acoustic instruments the location of sound production is identical to the location where the sound is emitted; in contrast, in electronic music these two events occur at different locations. The arising possibility to position sound sources at any desired location, thereby creating separate sound-spaces in the overall space, promoted my interest in the development of loudspeaker installations. The loudspeakers form a matrix by which sounds are positioned in or moved through space.

The result is a sound corpus which emits music in different states of motion. The listener is confronted with virtual sound-spaces, their specific character being the real three-dimensional spatialization of sound. In particular the precisely controlled timing of the sounds' movements in synchronization with the digital production of sound brings about a clearly defined experience of an animated sound distribution. This and the movement of the people in the room themselves allows them to experience analogies with their familiar tangible, organic & acoustic environments, where noises and sounds flow into each other.

Three-dimensional sound movements require substantial hard- and software, which has been especially conceived and built by Sukandar Kartadinata. Over the years he has been responsible for all technical aspects involved in the project.

Since 1992 I have been creating space oriented sound installations in different ways - as sound sculptures and objects, as walk about space sound corpora and concert/installation hybrids. As an example for a work that focuses on the 'object' aspect of my installations have a look at the picture of the 'Hörbild' which you can find on this page. Several pieces have been composed for this object during the last three years, by me as well as co-operating composer Joachim Krebs.

My website TopoPhonias provides information about my artistic work in general and the specific sound installations. The essay "The Spiritual Location of Sound - an example for the integration of sound movement as further musical parameter in composition" explains how the new possibilities offered by the three-dimensional movement of sound in space affect the spiritual process of composing.

One of her younger projects is Sonic Rooms. Go to the P-ART JOURNAL #37 (< click) or visit the new homepage of the artist couple Sabine Schaefer / Joachim Krebs: <http://www.sabineschaeferjoachimkrebs.de>



Sabine Schäfer

Liegnitzer Str. 4a-b,



E-mail click >: sabine schaefer

Homepage: http://www.sabineschaefer.de

Other homepage:http://www.sabineschaeferjoachimkrebs.de

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TopoPhonias - an art project about the spatialization of sound

Sabine Schaefer: idea, artistic development, composition, production.

Homepage: http://www.sabineschaefer.de

E-mail: sabine@topophonien.de

Sukandar Kartadinata: sound distribution system (hardware and software design).


E-mail: <sk@glui.de>


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