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More than 25 years ago, I met Godfried-Willem RAES and Moniek DARGE (B) as organisators of the monthly, unforgettable meetings for the new music stage "24 HOURS OF COMMUNICATION" in Brussels. In 1991 I was one of the participating composers at the opening of the TETRAEDER, concert hall for the new music Foundation LOGOS in Ghent (B). 

Moniek DARGE (< click), currently in charge of Logos, is the editor of the new music and media journal of Logos. She is an allround woman: she plays the violin, moves on invisible instruments, makes music boxes, writes poetry and essays, for instance about the traditional Maori-music of New-Zealand. Moniek Darge is also lifelong painter. For the first time she is releasing here two pieces of her self-painted collection. 

Godfried-Willem RAES (< click), head founder of Logos and sometimes discussed as the "enfant terrible" on the new music stage, belongs with Moniek Darge to the world wide travelling LOGOS DUO. The name of Godfried-Willem Raes is related to revolutionary concepts and emancipative performances in the field of creative music combined with new technology. His efforts in computerized composing are ground breaking. 
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Parts for Paul (4:49) for Soundscape and Voice
belongs to the CD  "The P-ART PROJECT: 12 PORTRAITS"
Look for an excerpt at the Audiovisual  TRAILER  "12 PORTRAITS" on Youtube https://youtu.be/BinrCV9w-is



Godfried-Willem RAES

The Pneumaphone-project can be presented to audiences as an installation piece for audience participation - some sort of acoustic or musical playground if you like or in the format of a concert-performance. Pneumaphone was built in a concept of Godfried-Willem Raes. Its realization involved the entire Logos- team and took up a few years of research and work.


Flutes, single-reeds, lipps, tongues, double-reeds, sirens, whistles, membranes, mirlitons, water-organs, cavity-resonators and such, make up the individual voice of each single pneumaphone, all together a wind orchestra: Pneumaphone.

Music is air in motion, but moving air does not sound for that same reason alone. Air is life, as life entails breath, it means breath. Whenever we hear music, we breath vibrating air. No air, no music, sound will be only where air vibrates. Pneumaphone is airsound. Pneumaphone is windsound. Pneumaphone sets air into motion, compresses the air in many lungs. Pneumaphone is mechanised breath and converts wind into vibration.

The vibration of the air is made to depend on the moves of the air. The moves of the air depend on the many lungs. Pneumaphone has twenty of them. These many lungs are inflated cushions. On these, one is invited to sit, to roll, to jump, to lie down, as this makes the air move. Produced sound depends on the moves of these lungs, on the moves of the people joining the pneumaphone, on the people being seduced by it.

Pneumaphone integrates intrinsically sound and movement. Movement becomes tactile and sensual; a roll of bodies in a bath of vibrating air; a living musical environment, an invitation to active participation, to move through.

Godfried-Willem RAES

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LOGOS FOUNDATION G.W. Raes Kongostraat 35, B-9000 Gent Phon. +32 9 223 80 89

E-mail:< godfriedwillem.raes@logosfoundation.org>




Moniek DARGE

Painting Art of Moniek Darge


Alternative Music Boxes

        Solarbox: click and listen >MP3    Box of Silence                 "Notendoos"

These alternative music boxes are telling a poetical audio-visual story, with tiny sounds, subtle light reflexions and a little liberating kitsch or humour as ingredients. From childhood on, music boxes were fascinating me. Once I visited a small family museum at the back of Beaubourg in Paris, to discover the most fabulous collection I've ever seen or heard.

From that day on music making became even more exciting: I visit flea markets, looking for the most appealing, still silent, box and listening to the sounds in my head. What kind of sound will I decide to escape from what kind of box? Once a box is choosen I start working on the visuals. Little by little, my ears become pregnant of the most appropriated sounds.

Soundscaping as well as building alternative music boxes are adventureous travels into the audio-visual world. The vast universe of audio art is there to be explored.

Moniek DARGE 

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Moniek Darge LOGOS FOUNDATION Kongostraat 35 B-9000 Gent Phon +32 9 223 80 89 E-mail:<moniek.darge@logosfoundation.org>

Website look at: http://www.logosfoundation.org


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