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In the eighties I met Ward WEIS (B) as a creative soundman who exceeds the technical level of sound engineers. He enjoys to defy the conventional rules of sound/art productions and has built a four floors metronome (< click). On his hand, Ward Weis became involved in my music. He mastered several of my tapes (including my first album) for free. Recently, I met Ward again in his wonderful soundscape contribution to the Chauncecleer project.





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"Reflection comes more AFTER instead of DURING the creative process of my sound projects."

Meagre Seconds (4:59)
belongs to the CD  "The P-ART PROJECT: 12 PORTRAITS"
Look for an excerpt at the Audiovisual  TRAILER  "12 PORTRAITS" on Youtube https://youtu.be/BinrCV9w-is

As inverse painter of landscapes (soundscapes) I prefer those sounds we can't here but imagine. Sitting in front of a landscape I like to think about what's behind me and build a confrontation with the reality in the front.

Question !

 Is the mirrored image of an mirrored image the original ? Is the inverse  thought of the inverse the thought again ?

 Answer ?

 No, no is no, no-no isn't no. No-no-no, no-isn't no or no.

 No - yes, or yes - no.

 Yes, yes is yes, yes-yes isn't yes. yes-yes-yes, yes-isn't yes or yes.


I recommand to listen to one of my SOUND FILES (MP format)> WALK & LISTEN (1997). Please use a MPEG-Player.

 I walk,  he walks, we walk

I move, he moves, we move

I walk,  he doesn't,  I don't, he does, we move

I don't walk, he does, I do, he doesn't, we move

I don't walk, he doesn't, I do, he does, we move

he walks, I walk, we walk

he moves, I move, we move

he walks, I don't, he doesn't, I do, we move

he doesn't walk, I do, he does, I don't, we move

he doesn't walk, I don't, he does,  I do, we move


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12 M high METRONOME (W.Weis)

Chauncecleer, a medieval Circus on the Canterbury Tales is a new realisation of the score '--, a -- Circus on --' by John Cage, that was first released in 1979 as Roaratorio, an Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake. The score turns a book into a piece of music-theater that involves a cut-up version of that book, a sound composition of all the sounds referred to in the book and ambient sounds recorded in places mentioned in the book, and on top of that, a number of solo performances of 'relevant' music. In the case of Chauncecleer, readers brings fragments of the Canterbury Tales, 16 loudspeakers distribute 2000 sounds referring to the Tales and 5 musicians perform 14th-century music. In all it's apparent blunt radicalness Chauncecleer is an amazingly touching, contemporary and relevant piece of music-theater. In 1999, the score is 20 years and in 2000 The Canterbury Tales are 600 years old, so now is the time to celebrate two of the most important cultural giants of the past millennium: John Cage and Geoffrey Chaucer.

Producers: Hun-Tun, Toneelhuis Antwerpen, VRT Radio 3 (Belgium)

Reader:Tom Hannes

Musicians: Zefiro Torna ensemble

Sound engineer: Ward Weis

Ward Weis Antwerp 1956. Studied film & sound, works as sound engineer for VRT (flemisch radio & television), owner of SEA & SEE a studio for the independent production ARS ACUSTICA.


L. Gerritslaan 17

B-2600 Berchem BELGIUM

Phone / fax: + 32 3 236 63 37

Email: ward@planktone.be

Homepage: http://planktone.dyndns.org  Projects last years: ABD & WASHING

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