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These artists affiliated to P-ART are engaged in the same wide field of new music and contemporary arts. With a personal contribution to the P-ART WEB of ARTISTS, all selected artists belong to the virtual P-ART family, all together and completely free.



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P-ART meets P-ART FAMILY artist Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen ( click  here
who organised  the  yearly Danish Intuitive Music Conference in Svendborg (2011, August
7-10 ).
EXCERPTS of our intuitive playing sessions together. See on YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldnuUotYaVo
Public concert with the DIMC-members:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRidALmPtSM
Norbert Zajac & P-ART: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpV6j_5SiRYNielse
Photo ©P-ART 2011

P-ART visits the winter exhibition FONS VITAE of José Marchi with a sound concept of José Marchi & Daniel Varela in Brussels (December 2007)

Details: http://www.patrickmarchalgallery.com

Photo 2008©Daniel Varela

The Timmerlodance of the P-ART brothers (Clarence & Paul) in Bangkok. December 2007

The impro-duo on one of Klaus Runze's Soundskulptures ( Exhibition October 2007 at Cologne)




Finally, after about ten years of virtual communication and collaboration, Margaret Leng Tan encounters P-ART in Louvain (Belgium)

at the occasion of her superb prepared piano concert (Sonatas et Interludes, John Cage) in the new concerthall of the Irish College (2007/10/1).

Margaret's spiritual transcental motion at the end of his performance of the John Cage's "Sonatas et interludes"

Click and go to the Photos of the concert on the Margaret Leng Tan page in this P-ARTwebsite: MargaretLengTanLouvain.htm


The P-ART Quartet (photo ©P-ART)

From left to right: José March (Argentina), P-ART (Belgium), Daniel Varela (Argentina), Baudouin Oosterlynck (Belgium) Reunion 2005 (at B.Oosterlynck's home in Rixensart (Belgium).

Click and go in the P-ART Web to: Baudouin OOSTERLYNCK, Daniel VARELA & José MARCHI, P-ART

The Soundscope Trio

From left to right: Marcello Aguirre (Arg.), Baudouin Oosterlynck (B), José March (Arg.). Exhibition Baudouin Oosterlynck Tournai (Belgium) 2005 Photo © P-ART


The AutobusKulinair Duo

Clarence Barlow (US) and P-ART (B) at the Transit Reunion, Louvain (Belgium), 2005. Photo © P-ART

Click and go in the P-ART Web to: Clarence BARLOW, P-ART

Clarence in Fantasy

at the AutobusKulinair Reunion with P-ART (Köln, Germany) Photo © P-ART

Klaus Runze & P-ART in the nineties (at Klaus Runze's home in Bonn, Germany) Photo © P-ART

Click and go in the P-ART Web to: Klaus RUNZE, P-ART

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