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M U S I C A   P O V E R A

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12 original VIDEO tracks on  DVD  NTSC video +  booklet (8 p.) with special  comments by P-ART (Belgium)
Release 2017, Juli 1th 

DVD -Trailer: https://youtu.be/gawc-aJ17aI

Trailer (5 min.) of all audiovisual tracks on the new DVD project MUSICA POVERA by performer-composer-soundman P-ART   2017. 
"MUSICA POVERA" derives its name directly from the arte povera movement. 
With his intuitive-organic approach P-ART produced twelve music videos by using
an empty plastic bottle beast, a tambourine (riq), wrapping paper, world music drums, a gong from the gamelan family,
a paela pan, a strip for pills, two lamps, eight magazines, a plastic text corrector, shells, soundscapes,
broadcast snapshots, and by moving the mike in the active field of speakers. 

Order your copy:
mail to p.art 
(< click)

You can mail in english- franšais - Deutsch -  Nederlands.

Don't forget to mail your country too.


DVD Index

Video Track #1:   THE BEAST  2:41
  Video Track #2:  TAMBOURINE SPEAKS MUSIC  4:27
  Video Track #3:   GONG   7:09
Video Track #4:  FORTE  14:40
Video Track #5: LAMPS  IN SOUND  3:38 
Video Track #6:    THE GREEN MAN  DANCE    6:55
Video Track #7:  SNAPSOLOGY    1:25
Video Track #8:    LECTURA SONORA   18:49
Video Track #9:    THE ART  OF  DEFRAGMENTATION  4:38
Video Track #10:    BACK  TO  SOUND  9:03
Video Track #11:  WORLD  MUSIC  PAPER MAN  3:32
Video Track #12:  POLYPHONY FOR MIKE  3:57   

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