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The new non-profit project The Art of Silence is  an international edition of unpublished pieces by composers from Canad
a, USA, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Australia, The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany and Belgium. 

DVD -Trailer:   https://youtu.be/M9KMG7dshqQ

Release 2018  Januar 10th

DVD  NTSC video/ audio + extended booklet available   mail to
p.art  (< click)
8 original VIDEO tracks & 7 original AUDIO tracks
Extended Booklet   A5 (36 pages) with personal comments from the artists

Clarence Barlow (California)  Baudouin Oosterlynck (Belgium)   Vincent Tordjman (France)     
Hitomi Shimizu  & H. Wakabayashi (Japan)       Klaus Runze (Germany)   Dina Maria Mouton (Belgium) 
Tolgahan Çoğulu (Turkey)     Hildergard Westerkamp (Canada)    Dominique Vermeesch & daniel duchamP (Belgium)     Shaahin Mohajeri  (Iran)     
Jeroen Van Veen (NL)   Raymond Delepierre (Belgium)    Mike Kramer (NL)          P-ART (Belgium)

DVD Index
P-ART:   Video Track #1:   Soundwalk Symphony in 96 dB  (2017)  5:36
  booklet p. 5

Baudouin Oosterlynck:     Video Track #2:  My Pieces for Silence (2017)  5:08
  booklet p. 9

Hitomi Shimizu & H. Wakabayashi:   Video Track #3:   Mizuppoi  (Waterish(2017)  5:13    booklet p. 18

Mike Kramer/ Core Shift:  Video Track #4:  The Art of Silence  (2017)  6:54
  booklet  p. 21

Diana Maria Mouton:  Video Track #5: A Moment of Renovation  Dance (2017)  6:30  
  booklet p. 23

Dominique Vermeesch &  daniel du chamP: Video Track #6:   Magnetic Silences (2017) 5:03     booklet p. 27

 Vincent Tordjman (Vicnet):  Video Track #7: Leap  (2017)
 Film by Thomas Lanza  4:26    booklet p. 29

Tolgahan Çoğulu:    Video Track #8: Not Silent   (2017)
 Composition by Casey Hale   4:19   booklet p.  33
Hildegard  Westerkamp: Audio Track #1: A Winter Soundwalk on Hollyburn Mountain    (2017) 20:36  booklet p. 7

Clarence Barlow:   Audio Track #2:   Songbird's Hour Bisected   computer waves experiment (2017)  31:01  booklet p. 12

Carl Bergstroem-Nielsen:   Audio Track #3:    Pauses  for  voices, accordion, electric guitar & French Horn (2015) 14:14      booklet  p. 14

Jeroen van Veen:   Audio Track #4:  Minimal Prelude   for  2 Rippen Grand Pianos with 6 Ebows & Electronics  (2017)  18:32    booklet  p. 16

Raymond Delepierre:  Audio Track #5:    Aether Voices  (2017)  12:30      booklet  p. 25

Klaus Runze: Audio Track #6:   Earth - Light - Remembrance   For Chickering  Square Piano   and  Soundsculptures  (1988)  8:09  booklet p. 31

Shaahin Mohajeri:    Audio Track #7   For Paul   Instrumental Conversation (2017) 5:00   booklet p. 35

Contact: mail to   p.art  (< click)
Don't forget to mail your country.
You can mail in english -  français - Deutsch -  Nederlands.

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